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Hetty Vacuum – Read Our Review

The Hetty Hoover Reviewed

The Hetty is the second addition to the iconic, lovable and just plain useful Henry vacuum range built by Numatic International, who have since gone on to produce the Harry, James, Charles, George and Henry Xtra. Those who are familiar with the red Henry vacuum cleaner will probably already be aware of the stellar reputation that this model has had for years amongst domestic and professional users all over the world. And you know what? The Henrietta is not just a pretty face because the engineering and design behind this cleaning machine are very impressive. So much so that it continues to be one of the best-selling vacuum cleaners in 2020, many years after its initial launch. So what makes it so special? Well, we decided to take a closer look..

Who are Numatic?

Originally founded in Somerset in 1969, this global manufacturer of cleaning equipment produces a wide range of products for the domestic, commercial, and industrial cleaning market, including the iconic Hetty vacuum cleaner. Numatic have a large share of the market in both the UK and abroad, including countries such as France, the Netherlands, Germany and South Africa. All of their machines are manufactured at their facility in Somerset, which employs 700 people and produces 4,500 units every single day.

The Hetty HET200


hetty hoover het200

The Hetty HET200 Hoover is the feminine version of the red Henry HVR200, with an attractive pink exterior colour and added eyelashes. The most common question that everybody asks about this machine is how it differs from the Henry and the simple answer to this is – not much. Essentially, the components, suction power, maneuverability, performance and practicality are exactly the same as the HVR200 so in essence, the only difference is the exterior. However, this is actually something to be celebrated because both the Henry and the Hetty offer incredible performance, with strong components that are built to last, which offer vacuuming results.

So if you are looking for a vacuum cleaners with great suction power, a simple design and practicality, with a dash of feminine flare, this is the machine for you.


Suction Power


The Hetty vacuum has two TwinFlo motors that create an incredibly powerful amount of suction power that will easily lift even the most stubborn forms of dirt from your floors. Some people have commented that these motors make the Hetty rather loud but I personally find this to be very reassuring, because it tells me that it really must be doing an excellent job at vacuuming my carpets.

Numatic have built in a fantastic feature into the Hetty called “Autosave”, which allows you to switch between an energy saving mode of 600w and the full 1200W ability of the TwinFlo motors, which is great for when you want to reduce your electrical consumption with a light vacuuming but you also want the ability to tackle really stubborn dust and dirt, which requires both barrels of the 1200w motors. In particular, the energy saving “low” mode is great for hard floors, whereas the “high” mode is ideal for thick carpeted areas.

Practical Features


hetty hoover hoseThe Hetty HET200 Hoover is a practical machine, with a host of features that have been included to make your vacuuming experience effortless. One of the first things that you will notice when you unbox your Hetty is the thick, strong crush-proof hose that is attached to the side of this machine. This has been specifically designed to withstand a large amount of stress, that may result from getting caught in tight gaps or underneath heavy objects.

As an added bonus, The Hetty HET200 Hoover comes with two hoses in the box, which means you can attach both together (using an attachment also included) and double the cleaning reach without having to move the base unit. This is perfect for cleaning stair cases and for reaching the corners of tall ceilings. This is the only vacuum cleaning model from Numatic that comes with two hoses and we really love this added benefit, because it is just so useful around the home.

It is worth including one extra piece of information concerning the design of the hose, which has been upgraded for 2020 to include a wider conical design, allowing more air-flow and increased suction power.

Extension Tubes

hetty hoover extension tube
Attached to this hose are two strong metal extension tubes, which in turn attach to the combination floor nozzle. This nozzle has a metal sole plate underneath, which allows it to easily glide across your carpet, as well as two litter pickers. The two foot operated pedals on top allow you to switch between a low and high brush position, which is great for when you want to clean hard floors/ laminates, as well as carpeted areas.

Accessories & Attachments

In terms of accessories, the Hetty Hover really packs a punch, with a number of items that transform the cleaning capability of this little machine. First up is the soft dusting brush, which is made up of a collection of soft bristles that are perfect for when you need to clean delicate items, as well as curtains and blinds. There is also a crevice tool which is perfect for vacuuming up all of the dust and other small pieces of dirt from the nooks and crannies in your home, such as along skirting boards and behind furniture. The general purpose nozzle is a smaller version of the main one and it is very useful for vacuuming stairs and upholstery. You are also given a dusting brush that slides onto this small general purpose nozzle which can be used to agitate more stubborn dirt.

Weight & Handling

The Numatic Hetty HET200 is much more compact than a regular upright vacuum cleaner, which means that it really easy to store away into a cupboard or a small space under the stairs. However, if you live in a small flat or if space is simply very limited, there is actually another small Hetty model called the HET160, which offers remarkable power and cleaning ability.

Noe even though the Hetty is nice and compact, it is still quite a heavy machine to lift up and move around the home. Weighing in at 8KG, it is light enough for most people to carry around but if you are looking specifically for a lightweight vacuum cleaner, the HET200 may not be the one for you.

However, the wheels attached to the bottom of this machine are very sturdy and we experienced no issues maneuvering it in all directions, around furniture and between rooms. So, even though this is a heavy vacuum cleaner, it is easy to drag around each floor and you will only really notice the weight when you have to carry it up the stairs.

Dust Capacity

The Hetty HET200 uses bags to store all of that horrible dust and dirt and these are very sturdy. When you purchase the HET200 you will be given one bag already loaded into the machine, plus an extra 3 spares in the box. With an impressive capacity of 9 litres, you won’t have to regularly change bags at all.

The bags are very easy to change. All you have to do is lift off the head of the machine, remove the filter and then remove the bag.


These bags used to be made from paper but they are now made using a HepaFlow material, which ensures that they shouldn’t split (even if you overfill them) and also means that less dust will escape the bags, back into your home. This means that the Hetty HET200 is perfect for those that suffer from Asthma or who are sensitive to allergens.

How Does the Hetty Hoover Perform on Different Floor Types?

The Hetty is an all-round fantastic vacuum cleaner for a range of different floor types. The cleaning head allows you to switch between hard and soft floors with your foot, meaning that you don’t have to bend down to flick a switch when you move between your living room and kitchen.

The floorhead itself is actually quite compact in size and rectangular in shape, which means that you can get very close to skirting board and in those hard-to-reach areas. In terms of suction power, carpets sometimes require a couple of passes with the floor head to ensure that all of the dust and dirt particles have been removed. However, hard floors is where this cleaning head really performs well, with effortless vacuuming on the first pass.

A Note on Pet Hair

Now for a crucial piece of information that all pet owners will be interested in – the Hetty is not very effective at picking up stubborn pet hair from carpets. Indeed, we found that dog hair was particularly hard to remove, even with the TwinFlow 1200W motors. So, if you are a pet owner and you are concerned with this shortcoming of the Hetty HET200, we would recommend the Harry Hoover HHR200-11, which we have written a comprehensive review for.

What Other Hetty Hoover Models are Available?


hetty het160 hoover

The Hetty HET200 is the primary model, offering the best combination of features for the everyday user, at an affordable price and with bags of practicality. However, Numatic have also produced a further model called the HET160, which is a smaller, more compact version of the HET200. The only real downside of this machine is the reduced 6 litre capacity, which is to be expected. However, amazingly it still offers all of the same suction power and the features are identical, so it is a really good option for those with limited storage space.


The Hetty HET200 Hoover is sturdy, strong, reliable and incredibly practical, making it a form favourite for homeowners all over the country that want a machine with exceptional performance at an affordable price. Essentially there is no difference between the Hetty and the Henry but one of the best selling points about the Henry Range is the appearance and Hetty certainly is an attractive little machine that is favoured by the female of the species..

In terms of drawbacks, the Hetty is heavy so it is not ideal for those looking for a lightweight vacuum. This particularly makes it awkward to vacuum the stairs but Numatic have attempted to solve this problem by including an extra as standard, which doubles you cleaning range and removes the need to carry the machine during this task. It is also quite loud when used on its most powerful setting.

If you want a machine with excellent suction power, with a large bag capacity and components that are built to last, the Hetty HET200 Hoover is the vacuum for you.

A tritex filter to remove even the most ingrained stains.

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  1. I have owned my Hetty for years and it has never lost any of its suction power of caused me any issues whatsoever. I would highly recommend!

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