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The 10 Best Budget Vacuum Cleaners in 2020

A little disclosure: there are affiliate links on this page! That just means if you click on a link, find something you like and buy it, we’ll make a little bit of money. Don’t worry, you won’t pay any extra and it doesn't impact our opinions.

Exceptional Cleaning for Under £100? We know how.

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There are very few households nowadays that are able to exist without a vacuum cleaner. No amount of popularity for wood and tile flooring could ever replace carpeting – particularly not for those living in cold climates.

Given the popularity of vacuum cleaners and the frequency with which they are needed; it is perfectly understandable that you might need a new one. In fact, the average family buys a new vacuum cleaner once every 8 years, at the very longest . If you take good care of your product and buy from a reputable brand, however, it may last much longer than that.

Here at the Henry Range, vacuum cleaners are somewhat of a specialty of ours. We know all about what it takes to make your home spotless – and what vacuum cleaners can make that happen. The question is whether or not we can get top quality vacuums for a budget price point?

Let’s get to grips with budget model vacuums. Are they just as good at dirt busting as pricier models – or do they let us down when we need it most?

The Best Budget Vacuums At-A-Glance

Here are our picks in the top 10 best budget vacuum cleaners, for those of you that are in a hurry…

Best Overall

  1. The Oneday Corded Handheld 2 in 1
  2. The Hoover Breeze for Pets

Best Upright

  1. The Vax Mach Air Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  2. The amazon Basics Upright, High Efficiency Model

Best Handheld

  1. The Top Wolf Handheld Vacuum Cordless Cleaner

Best Cordless

  1. The Dibea Cordless 4-in-1

Best for Pet Owners

  1. The Vax CCQSAV1P1 Air Pet Vacuum Cleaner
  2. The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

Best Vacuums Under £50

  1. Amazon Basics – With or Without Bag
  2. Puppyoo S7 Mate Bagless Low Noise Vacuum

Now you know where to go for your top budget vacuum cleaner, let’s take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of each one.

Our Top Ten Best Budget Vacuums in Detail

These are the best budget vacuum cleaners to buy for less than £100…

The Oneday Corded Handheld 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum

The Oneday Corded Handheld 2-in-1 Stick VacuumIf you want maximum performance combined with complete versatility of use, then this vacuum from Oneday has both. It’s lightweight and uses one charger port – but has two types of device for the port. You can use it as a handheld vacuum cleaner, or you can use it as a stick vacuum cleaner… the choice is yours and the suction is equally powerful, no matter what you choose.

The handheld is great for the car, stairs and upholstery. This vacuum cleaner might not be from a well-known brand, but it does score 4.5 star and higher consistently throughout its reviews. Consumers love the dual purpose, as well as noting that each of the cleaning tools is more than fit for purpose. The price is awe inspiring when you consider what you actually get for your money.

The Oneday uses their own patented cyclonic technology to produce 15kpa – that’s so much more than other vacuums of this type that we can’t even comprehend it. It’s lightweight, compact, can be used on carpets or hard floors alike… there really isn’t anything you can’t use it for. To cap it all off, you also get a year’s worth of warranty, 6 extra attachments, and a 10m long reach. It’s all-round excellent.

Pros of the Oneday Corded 2-in-1:

  • It does everything you could expect of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Washable filters with the best suction we have seen throughout this review.
  • Multiple uses, both handheld and stick cleaning.

Cons of the Oneday Corded 2-in-1:

  • You can’t use it on wet surfaces.

The Hoover Breeze for Pets, Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover Breeze for Pets Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 2Hoover is a name that is synonymous with vacuum cleaners – so much so that in certain countries the brand name has become a verb. Hoovering your home is very normal, in parts of Britain. This model comes in blue and black and sports a 2L bagless cylinder for dirt capture. It has been aimed at pet owners – a great indication as to how powerful a vacuum is going to be.

This made second best overall because it picks up pet hair, is energy efficient, comes with a 12 month Hoover guarantee, uses a rotating brush with extra bristles, has a mini turbo brush for upholstery to attach, has a crevicing tool, works on all surfaces, comes in at much less than the hundred pound mark, and has the best of all vacuum cleaner parts… the automated cord rewind. There is almost nothing this model of Hoover can’t do.

It is less than the 80 dB mark in noise volume, making it pretty quiet. It doesn’t need replacement filters – you can wash them. The only thing it doesn’t do is vacuum your home by itself. We don’t think technology is quite there yet; but give them a few years. The Roomba might be where the revolution begins…

Pros of the Hoover Breeze:

  • Comes with 2L dust bin, bagless, automated cord recall, fine dirt captures down to microscopic particles.
  • A brand name you can rely on that give you twelve months warranty.
  • A myriad of other benefits, all of which lead to great suction and a clean home, whether you have pets or not.

Cons of the Hoover Breeze:

  • There is only one extra attachment.

The Vax Mach Air Upright Vacuum Cleaner

One of the first things you notice about this upright is that it is very light – less than 5 kgs. It comes with a 2-in-1 crevice brushing and dusting tool that saves space. There is nothing worse than trying to use a vacuum when all the extra bits won’t go back in.

This vacuum uses multi cyclonic suction to a capacity of 1.5L. The cord will stretch out for 7 metres, which is good for the price. The hose will go another 1.3 metres, should you need it. A sliding adjuster can be accessed on the front of the machine and enables you to switch between hard wood flooring and carpet settings.

Customers are attesting that it works well against dog hair, which is what earned it a place in our best of budget vacuum cleaners list. Another thing we like about this is that it is a Vax. They are a great brand for reliability that will stand the test of time. To prove it, they will give you a full year’s guarantee with this model. All Vax vacuums also come with the added bonus of the Vax engineering team. They will fix it even if it is out of warranty, though it might cost you. Not bad for less than a hundred bucks.

Pros of the Vax Mach Vacuum Cleaner:

  • The high durability of an upright model.
  • Great suction, long cord, sturdy parts.
  • Vax brand have a dedicated repairs team.

Cons of the Vax Mach Vacuum Cleaner:

  • It isn’t wireless yet.
  • That sliding adjuster is too easy to move. If you knock it off something while cleaning it will make life difficult.

The Amazon Basics Upright, High Efficiency Model

The Amazon Basics Upright, High Efficiency ModelWhile Amazon have two basic models on this list already – this one is an extra twenty-thirty GBP on the price tag. It has this for good reason. It costs less to run in electricity and is generally better in terms of efficiency. It is also an upright model, unlike either the bagged or bagless Amazon Basics vacuum cleaner.

This model comes with A level energy efficiency, a 6m cord and a 3m hose, making it one of the longer stretching budget vacuum cleaners we have reviewed. One of the things that reviewers enjoy most about this model is that it has double the capacity for dust and dirt than the cheaper Basics models do. At 3L, you can vacuum your whole house two or three times before it needs emptied.

The Upright High Efficiency comes with a turbo brush and a dual motor system for extra close cleaning on carpets. The slider is sturdier than on the cheaper Basics models, too. This means you are less likely to nudge it into the wrong setting. It uses the HEPA 12 filters to clean, which are easily removed, washed and replaced.

Pros of the Amazon Basics Upright:

  • One of the largest capacity cylinders, with 3L storage of dirt and dust.
  • Easily removable, washable, and replaceable filters.
  • High energy efficiency – do more cleaning at less cost in electricity.

Cons of the Amazon Basics Upright:

  • It’s reasonably large in terms of storing it out of sight.
  • Amazon don’t supply spare parts for this model.

The Top Wolf Handheld Vacuum Cordless Cleaner

The Top Wolf Handheld Vacuum Cordless CleanerWhat we love most about this handheld vacuum cleaner for under £50 is that it is both a wet and a dry vacuum. This is perfect for using in your car, particularly in winter, since it isn’t going to short-out when it sucks up a little water.

The Top Wolf handheld has an in-built LED light too, making it much easier to use at night, indoors and outdoors. If you were to be out cleaning the car in winter, you wouldn’t need to run your battery down using the interior lights. In addition, the light picks up just how effective the vacuum cleaner actually is.

It’s wireless, it’s rechargeable, it comes with a carry case, 4 separate attachments (hose extension included) and can be used in the kitchen or bathroom, as well as in the normal rooms you might clean this way. It’s optimized for quick charging and wireless/cordless use, so it feels like a solid modern model.

Pros of the Top Wolf Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Handheld, lightweight, wireless and cordless.
  • Rechargeable, so you can use it outdoors. Lasts for an area of around 200m2.
  • Wet and dry vacuum cleaner suitable for car cleaning.

Cons of the Top Wolf Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Wouldn’t clean your whole house with it.
  • Doesn’t hold that much dirt (600ml capacity).

The Dibea Cordless 4-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

The Dibea Cordless 4-in-1 Vacuum CleanerWhile everyone else was focusing on things like suction, style, and function; Dibea were already living in 2060. They came out of nowhere with a 4-in-1 stick vacuum cleaner that nobody else has thought of before. Frankly, we wonder why it has taken us so long as a species… At just under your £100 budget, this vacuum cleaner goes from handheld all the way up to stick vacuum.

It’s cordless and wireless – which just means it has a charging bay – can pick up even fine pet hair and comes with a lithium battery for long-lasting greatness. It has a max power mode and a normal mode which helps switch between hard floors and carpet. It has advanced cyclonic filtration. Has 550ml dust bin capacity and lasts for about 25 minutes per charge.

It uses a large motorized brush in conjunction with LED lights, lay flat steering, and a washable sponge-type filter. Best of all, however, is that four function form we mentioned. It can be a handheld crevicing brush, a stand up vacuum cleaner, you can use it in your car, on your upholstery, wet and dry… it’s by far the most versatile vacuum we have reviewed today.

Pros of the Dibea Cordless Vacuum:

  • It’s so versatile, you can use it anywhere you would vacuum or brush.
  • It is both handheld and stick.
  • It has powerful suction combined with a long lasting lithium battery. It is also wireless and cordless.

Cons of the Dibea Cordless Vacuum:

  • It takes a lot of energy (1200 pa).
  • The washable sponge needs to be replaced every 3 months for maximum efficiency.

Vax CCQSAV1P1 Air Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Vax CCQSAV1P1 Air Pet Vacuum CleanerVax are a brand of recognition for fantastic reason. Time and time again they produce some of the most durable, best researched vacuum cleaners on the market. This model has been designed with pets in mind, using multi cyclone technology that is perfect for fine hairs. This model is quite compact, considering ease of storage for those without much space.

This vacuum cleaner is quite good looking. It’s only 900 watts to run but holds up to a litre and a half of dust. It’s only 5.5 kg too, so you won’t break your back carrying it on the stairs like you might an upright. It gives a whopping 9m of cleaning reach – fantastic and just about the best on show for budget vacuums. You can use it easily on upholstery, on the stairs, or anywhere else in your home.

The Vax Air Pet range come with a separate brush head that features a rotating brush. This one is best used on furniture to get rid of the pet hair. It also works on any other stubborn carpet issues. The only foreseeable problem with it is that this head is a lot smaller than the other one, so hasn’t been made for large patches or areas. If you have a large pet, that is going to be a problem.

If you have a large pet that likes to attack vacuum cleaners? Go for an upright. A durable one.

Pros of the Vax Air Pet:

  • Washable filters that don’t need replaced.
  • 9 metres of reach made for pet hair removal.
  • 12 months warranty from day of purchase.

Cons of the Vax Air Pet:

  • A bit small for big pet messes.
  • That interchangeable head isn’t good for large areas.

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

The Bissell Pet Hair EraserBissell are well known for producing great quality, high-durability vacuum cleaners. They are almost as reliable as the traditional Henry! This particular model is a pet hair remover specifically, although it is only handheld. This is the vacuum cleaner you get for your golden retriever, just to keep the furniture clean.

It comes in as a fairly quiet model, with only 68 dBs of noise when in use. It is cordless/wireless, rechargeable, and weighs less than 2 kg. It can run for about fifteen minutes when charged, which is a bit less than we would expect. What you do get is a vacuum cleaner that won’t break if you throw it, that can clean both your carpet and your car, and that is packed with anti-pet hair technology that genuinely works.

You also get a tool that helps on upholstery, as well as a crevice tool that is great for cleaning stairs. There is a user guide included, making it a great item for the beginner in handheld vacuums. It has two stage filtration – an extra layer for a handheld – giving deep cleaning for such a small size.

Pros of the Bissell Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Works well on small areas of pet hair, particularly in your car or on your furniture.
  • Cordless, wireless, rechargeable and handheld.
  • Uses the same motorized brush as a large vacuum.

Cons of the Bissell Vacuum Cleaner:

  • It’s not bigger.
  • It only runs for around 15 minutes charge.

The Amazon Basics Vacuum Cleaner

The Amazon Basics Vacuum CleanerThere are two versions of this vacuum available. One has a bag and one does not. The bag version costs a solid five pounds more than the bagless version, presumably to cover the cost of the extra materials. Asides from that difference, the two models are strikingly similar, and both earn 4.5 stars for there (under £50) price point.

Reviewers state this model is fantastic. It comes with 700 watt cyclonic performance, 1.5 litre capacity, has a 5m cord, and a 1.5 metre adjustable hose. It has a sliding lever that controls suction strength and is a reputedly quiet machine. It uses a HEPA 12 filter cartridge that captures 99.5% of all particles, and that can be rinsed out to save you money.

In addition to all of the above you can have this in both bagged, and bagless, forms. It comes with various attachments and scores class D on carpets, but A on everything else. Our verdict on this one is that the suction strength isn’t great for pet hair. However, if you have linoleum, hard wood, or other solid surface floors, this will do nicely. It definitely does a great job for energy efficiency (only using 25 kWh/year).

Pros of Amazon Basics Vacuum Cleaner:

  • It’s cheap and cheerful, inclusive of all the basics.
  • Does as it promises, comes with attachments.
  • Lightweight for a vacuum cleaner.

Cons of Amazon Basics Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Slider is too easy to adjust, can be knocked from hard floor to carpet easily.
  • Only captures 99.5% of particles. It only misses half a percentage point – but if it was bleach you would buy a different type.

The Puppyoo S7 Mate Bagless Low Noise Vacuum

The Puppyoo S7 Mate Bagless Low Noise VacuumLast but by no means least, this bagless, UK made vacuum cleaner is 700w of pure suction power – and all for under half-a-hundred quid. Don’t be misled by the name; it isn’t anything to do with pet hair vacuum cleaning. Rather, this powerful cleaner uses a multi-cyclone system to clean with effortless ease, and as little noise as possible.

There are those among us – both human and animal – that find loud noises distressing. A vacuum cleaner is one of the few tools we use around the house that is capable of startling these poor souls. If you want to clean without the risk of fear, the Puppyoo S7 is the perfect model.

In addition, this vacuum comes with a large 2L dust bin capacity, transparent so you know when it fills up. You also get a full year’s warranty included in the price. It uses those HEPA filters to ensure even fine particles and cleaned from the air and is made from tough ABS plastics. These aren’t particularly sustainable, but they are highly durable. Treated well, this model should last a few years.

Pros of the Puppyoo S7 Mate:

  • Very quiet model that is high in energy efficiency.
  • High performance cyclone technology and a large 2L volume capacity.
  • 1 year’s warranty for the whole of the machine.

Cons of the Puppyoo S7 Mate:

  • ABS plastics give off fumes when melted down that are pretty toxic to the environment.
  • Misleading name as pet hair is nothing to do with it.

Special Mentions

Although we said ten budget vacuum cleaners, we do have a special mention to make. The Morphy Richards Supervac comes in at a great price point for what you get. It is wireless, rechargeable, and extends and shrinks to your leisure. This makes it a great one for reaching up high to get those cobwebs… which we know you all do. Feather dusters are so last century.

Vacuum Cleaners for Those That Can Afford a Little Extra

Don’t forget the renowned Henry Hoover range, which are available for around the £140 mark. So if none of these sound like your cup of tea, yet you still need a vacuum cleaner, a couple of weeks more saving will make for a lifetime of Henry stability.

If not – but you are in desperate need of a dust busting budget vacuum that isn’t listed on these pages – then listen up! We have a Buyer’s Guide that has your figurative name on it. Read on to find out what the key things you should look for in a new budget vacuum cleaner are.

With our help you might never buy a bad model, ever again.

Budget Vacuum Cleaner Buyer’s Guide

Want to buy a vacuum cleaner but don’t know where to start? Read our buyer’s guide, to find out.

There are billions of vacuum cleaners available across the globe. In such an overcrowded market, how do you know what to look for? You turn to us, of course, and we help you get on the path to vacuum success!

What to Look for in a (Budget) Vacuum Cleaner?

Let’s start with the basics… What should you look for when shopping for a new vacuum cleaner? We listed the most important features, asides from your budget, below.


Although not always a great indication, there are certain brands associated with vacuum cleaning that have earned a rightful place among the famous. Hoover, Bissell, Vax and Henry are our four top brands but there are plenty of others. Morphy Richards get special mention, as do Miele for their range of pet hair vacuum cleaners.


When buying your new vacuum cleaner, you may find the product has a class or level of certain things. For example, the Amazon Basics High Efficiency model has an energy efficiency Class A rating. The closer the class is to A, the better the performance will be. It is not uncommon to see a Class attributed to other features such as suction.

Capacity/ Dust Bin volume

At the moment, it seems that the industry standard is sitting around the litre-and-a-half mark. The more advanced Amazon Basics model does have the 3 litre capacity, but that is about the most we would expect to see. The handheld models only have between 0.5 and 1 litre, with some only 300ml. Obviously, the more dust it can hold, the less you need to empty it… but the more it will weigh. It is entirely your decision what is more important to you.

Bagless Technology

Nowadays, more and more vacuum cleaners are following in the footsteps of the most innovative brand of vacuum that exists: the Dyson. Although you can’t get a budget Dyson for under a hundred pounds, you can now buy other brands that use the same technology that they initially introduced. Bagless tech means less ongoing costs to the consumer, and less waste all round.

In 2020 and onwards there is no reason why we would still need bags. That being said, it is worth noting that some bags are reusable and can be emptied. More often than not, though, the bag is thrown in the rubbish and a new one inserted. From an energy efficiency perspective it is great that this type of vacuum cleaner is slowly going extinct.


Filters are an integral part of most styles of vacuum cleaner. Whether it has a bag, is cordless, or comes as a handheld tool, a vacuum will always use a filter. In fact; most use more than one. Even the amazon Basics range use two filters. Sometimes you need to replace the filters intermittently and this is costly. Some are washable and don’t need replaced. Be prepared for ongoing cost if you buy a new budget vacuum with filters that need replaced.


If you own a pet and want to buy a new vacuum cleaner, suction is your best friend. On the other hand, if your home has mostly hard wood or solid floors then you can afford to sacrifice a little suction for other features, such as energy efficiency or wireless technology.

In terms of how to tell if the suction in a vacuum cleaner is good or not, check for a Class A rating. If this hasn’t been assigned, look out for the letter’s ‘pa’ after a number. This is the scientific way to represent pressure of air force. The ones with the highest number will have the most suction. For an upright, 1200 or above is the best you can get. For a ground vacuum cleaner, this can be less.


Durability has a huge impact on how long the product will last you. If you have a low durability model you can expect to replace it fairly soon. In our experience, low durability is less about how often you can bump your vacuum cleaner and more about the electronics. Many vacuums will last a long time if properly maintained. However, newer models that require wireless technology to operate tend to have less of a shelf life.


Some vacuum cleaners, like the ones of old, come with the cord that you need to wind up. As we progressed into the digital era, rolling vacuum cleaners started coming with an auto-rewind feature on the cord. A few years later, you can now put your vacuum cleaner into a docking bay not dissimilar to how you charge your phone. These models are known as cordless or wireless vacuum cleaners.

They require a charging port and will work for limited amounts of time before the battery runs out. In the best of models the battery can be replaced. Look for a Lithium battery for longevity as a battery is the most likely part of a wireless vacuum to wear out.

Upright or Floor?

Do you want a vacuum cleaner that stands on its own or would you prefer one you pull along behind you, while you clean using the hose? As a general rule of thumb, an upright vacuum will have more suction but use less energy. They can be bagless, cordless, have replaceable filters – they do variants of each nowadays.

In the last few years, rolling vacuum cleaners have become more lightweight and more powerful. They are a good idea for those that vacuum stairs often. They are often more portable than their upright counterparts. That being said, an upright vacuum cleaner tends to be more powerful, to make up for what they lack in versatility.


Generally speaking, a budget vacuum cleaner will have two settings, if any. They should be for hard, solid floors or for carpeting. Usually, the setting can be managed by way of a slider. Ensure the slider is sturdy – even a little stiff – on any new vacuum cleaner you buy. If not, knocking it accidentally might switch the setting without you noticing.

Energy Efficiency

The better the energy efficiency of the product, the less it is going to cost you in the long run. If you don’t want to use huge amounts of energy while you are cleaning your home or if carbon footprint is important to you; you need a special type of vacuum. Look for an energy efficiency rating of Class A, check that the power use (w) is as low as possible by comparison to similar budget vacuums or opt for less suction to use less power.


Some models of vacuum cleaner are handheld, some are not. The most flexible are both handheld and stick vacuums in one. Check out the best handheld vacuum we looked at in our best budget vacuum cleaners list: the Top Wolf. Also look at the Oneday, which comes with both!

Size and Shape

If you require a lightweight vacuum cleaner, then many on our list weighs less than 5 kg. You can also opt for a wireless vacuum cleaner, as these are often easier to manoeuvre.

Other Considerations

As well as all of these features, you need to make additional considerations when shopping for a budget vacuum cleaner. Think about colour, for instance. A bright blue and lime green vacuum cleaner might come with a great price tag, but you will need to hide it when you have guests.


A second, more serious, consideration to make is the versatility of your vacuum cleaner. Would you like it to come apart into separate usable pieces like the Oneday? Would you like it to perform like the 4-in-1 and be a brush as well as an upholstery cleaner? Or would you prefer the solid performance and suction of an upright, despite the lack of different uses it may have? Just something to think about.

Feature Drawbacks

Our third consideration would be towards how long your battery lasts for. This only applies to those who opt for a cordless, rechargeable, or wireless vacuum cleaner. Other features come with their own drawbacks, though. Think about reach, hose length, how much capacity the dirt bin has… all of these things contribute to overall performance.


How long can you expect a good vacuum cleaner to last? Your best choice in budget vacuum cleaners will always include a warranty, at least for a year. The best brands (Vax, for example) have their own repair departments who can make your product last longer. Longevity should be an important consideration before you buy.

Rounding Up

So if you are looking to buy a vacuum cleaner for less than £100 it is entirely possible. You can even buy a well-known, reputable brand for that price. A vacuum cleaner is a once-in-ten-years purchase, so don’t waste your money. Follow our budget vacuum cleaner buyer’s guide to the letter, and you might just end up with a better deal than you ever thought possible.

Still stuck on what vacuum cleaner is best for you. Have a read through our FAQs and see if we haven’t already catered to a similar request.


Still have questions about finding the best cheap vacuum cleaner for you? If you are buying budget, you may find the answer to your question in our FAQs section, below.

Q) How often should I buy a new vacuum cleaner?
A) We recommend you buy a new vacuum whenever your old one becomes less energy efficient than it should be. This is a good sign that the product has lasted out its lifespan. Remember to try cleaning your filters before you rush out and buy a new one though!

Q) What’s cyclonic technology in vacuum cleaners?
A) It’s complex science that uses centrifugal force principals to separate air and dirt particles…or something to that effect. There is a better explanation on Quora.

Q) What’s 1200 pa?
A) Pa is a way of measuring the pressure of the suction in a vacuum . Some of the better stick models will be around this level of suction. As a general rule, the higher the number before the pa is, the better suction you will have on your vacuum. Additionally, any suction labelled ‘Class A’ will be wonderful.

Q) Can I buy the best vacuum cleaner brands cheap?
A) Some of them. Take the Vax Mach for example. This is a great brand name for under the £100 price point. Cheaper doesn’t always mean that you are getting a knock-off!

Q) Are cheap vacuums just as good?
A) One of our favourite budget vacuum cleaners is a brand you have never heard of. Absolutely.

Q) Where can I buy cheap vacuum cleaners?
A) We have links to a variety of cheap vacuum cleaners with high functionality, throughout this guide.

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