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The Henry Vacuum Range | Deals, Reviews, & Comparisons

Many of us will already recognise the big red smile on the Henry vacuum cleaner. This technological staple has been a must-have in all offices, schools, hospitals, and homes since its invention back in 1970. Since then, this loveable vacuum cleaner has become iconic, synonymous in style and up there with the likes of the Volkswagen, Mini Van and Andy Warhol prints.

Given that we all know, love, and rely on the Henry vacuum cleaner, he barely needs any introduction. However, not everyone can identify the members of Henry’s more extended family. The range incorporates more than just a friendly smile and a nostalgic red childhood vacuum. No, it also includes all of his cousins, his sister, and some of his uncles, too.

To put this tremendous error to rights, we took the time to introduce all of the various Henry Vacuums. Whether you want a female vacuum or a male, or even a non-binary one, Henry has the vacuum cleaner for you. Let’s get specific about where each model differs to help decide which of the Henry vacuum cleaners is the best one for you.

The Henry Family

The Henry Vacuum Range - Key Differences

Discover the differences between each vacuum cleaner, as well as their suitability and purpose.

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Henry Vacuum Review

Still the best all-round, budget cleaner on the market?

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Henry Quick Review

We directly compared the cleaning ability of Henry Quick with the original Henry.

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Henry Quick Pet Review

Is it worth paying the extra money for the pet version of the Henry Quick?

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Hetty Vacuum Review

Is Henry's sister just as good as the original?

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James Vacuum Review

Is he the best vacuum cleaner for professionals and tradespeople?

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Henry Xtra Review

Is he worth the extra money for pet owners?

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Henry Pet Review

We test out the unique floor tool that is designed for picking up pet hair. How does it perform?

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Henry Cordless Review

Is the convenience of having no cable worth double the price?

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Charles Vacuum Review

Wet and dry vacuuming combined into one machine.

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Henry XL Plus Review

Is bigger always better when it comes to vacuuming dust capacity?

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  • George – giant, green, and suitable for wet and dry cleaning.
  • Harry – comes with a charcoal filter that freshens and aimed at pet owners.