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The Henry Vacuum Range | Deals, Reviews, & Comparisons

Many of us will already recognise the big red smile on the Henry vacuum cleaner. This technological staple has been a must-have in all offices, schools, hospitals, and homes since its invention back in 1970. Since then, this loveable vacuum cleaner has become iconic, synonymous in style and up there with the likes of the Volkswagen, Mini Van and Andy Warhol prints.

Given that we all know, love, and rely on the Henry vacuum cleaner, he barely needs any introduction. However, not everyone can identify the members of Henry’s more extended family. The range incorporates more than just a friendly smile and a nostalgic red childhood vacuum. No, it also includes all of his cousins, his sister, and some of his uncles, too.

To put this tremendous error to rights, we took the time to introduce all of the various Henry Vacuums. Whether you want a female vacuum or a male, or even a non-binary one, Henry has the vacuum cleaner for you. Let’s get specific about where each model differs to help decide which of the Henry vacuum cleaners is the best one for you.

The Henry Family – A Quick Overview

The Henry vacuum cleaner (Henry isn’t actually made by Hoover!) includes the following models:

  • Henry – the regular sized Henry comes in three different varieties.
  • The Henry Cordless – is the best vacuum for those with no off-street parking, or those that worry about a cord as a potential trip hazard.
  • The Henry Xtra is made with extra tools, one of which is the Airobrush tool, suitable for pet hair and for hard floors, alike. This model is intended to be more versatile than the original.
  • Hetty – slightly less powerful and more compact, Hetty is recognisable by her flashy pink appearance.
  • George – giant, green, and suitable for wet and dry cleaning.
  • Harry – comes with a charcoal filter that freshens and aimed at pet owners.
  • Charles is also wet and dry, he is blue and has massive capacity of 15l dry and 9l wet cleaning.
  • James – he’s blue and comes with a storage caddy that keeps a myriad of tools handy. He is best suited for professional cleaners.