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Henry Vacuum Cleaner Parts: Explained [with pictures]

A little disclosure: there are affiliate links on this page! That just means if you click on a link, find something you like and buy it, we’ll make a little bit of money. Don’t worry, you won’t pay any extra and it doesn't impact our opinions.

Henry Combination Floor Tool

Henry Hoover Combination Floor Tool

This is probably a familiar site to you if you have used a Henry vacuum before. It is the main floor tool that is used with this vacuum cleaner and it connects to the stainless steel tube that leads to the base unit. The main feature of this tool is a pedal that, upon pressing with your foot, raises and lowers the castellated brush on the underside. It is recommended to leave the brush in the down position as it will have the effect of breaking up dirt on the carpet, ready to be vacuumed up by Henry’s powerful motor. However, if you are vacuuming over surfaces such as hard wooden floors, you have the choice to raise the brush, as in this situation it would not be needed.

Henry Airo Brush

Henry Hoover Airo Brush

This upgrade to the standard combination floor tool improves the general performance of the machine. It contains a turbine inside the head that drives a brush roll, which rotates at high speed and creates a greater suction power than the regular tool. Just like the standard version, it easily attaches to the stainless steel tube and is recommended for those that are looking to improve their Henry vacuum.


Replacement Filter

Henry Hoover Filter

The purpose of this filter is to trap the smallest dust particles and prevent them from going up into the fans, which and protects the motor from becoming damaged. This is an essential piece of kit to ensure that your machine lasts a long time and operates efficiently. It is also worth noting damage that would likely occur from not using a filter would invalidate the warranty on your machine, so it is highly recommended that you order a replacement if you believe yours to be worn or damaged.


Dusting Brush

Henry Hoover Dusting Brush

This tool is similar to a conventional duster that you would use around your home to remove dust and dirt from fragile surfaces. The soft bristles gently agitate dust from surfaces such as keyboards and the suction power of the Henry vacuum takes care of the rest. This is a great tool to ensure that you do not damage any of the delicate items in your home.


Upholstery Brush

Henry Hoover Upholstery Brush

Quite simply, this attachment will allow you to vacuum those hard-to-clean areas such as staircases and general nooks and crannies that exist in every home. It attaches to the hose section of the machine and replaces the regular combination floor tool. This attachment is perhaps most useful for cleaning your car.


Crevice Tool

Henry Hoover Crevice Tool

The crevice tool is extremely useful at reaching the very smallest of gaps and areas on your floors and between your furniture that require cleaning. It easily attaches to the end of the stainless steel tube and, because the powerful suction power is focused on such a small area, the results that you can achieve using this relatively simple tool are very impressive. Simply attach and slide along your skirting board to quickly and easily remove that fine film of dirt that is often out of reach.


Hepaflow Bag

Henry Hoover Hepaflow Bags

These are the recommended bags to use with the Henry and are made by the manufacturers, Numatic. The purpose of these bags is to trap and store all of the dust and dirt that you inevitably suck up from your floors. They are not designed to be re-used and should be disposed of in the bin once they have become full. You can purchase them in packs of 10.


Cloth Bag

Henry Hoover Cloth Bag

The cloth bag should be considered as an upgrade from the regular Hepaflow bags. They are suitable for commercial users or those that are likely to use their Henry much more often and for longer durations, that the average user. They are designed to pick up large quantities of dust and dirt and have a handy zip that allows you to open up the contents, empty it in the bin and then re-use. They are also fully machine washable.


Stainless Steel Tubes

Henry Hoover Stainless Steel Tubes

The Henry comes with three stainless steel tubes that act as the highway for all of the dirt and dust to reach the bag. There is one bent tube that can be attached to the vacuum head, as well as the other two straight tubes. The option of using either one or two straight tubes means that you can adjust the operating cleaning height of this machine, depending upon your size.


Flexible Hose

Henry Hoover Flexible Hose

The Henry comes with a standard black 2.4m corrugated plastic hose that links the machine to the stainless steel tubes, or the range of attachment that you can use instead. The hose is tough and durable so do not worry about ripping or tearing it. It is possible to purchase hoses up to 10m in length but it is worth noting that this will likely result in an overall loss of suction power.


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